At Yosemite Treats in Mariposa, CA, amazing flavor always goes hand in hand with quality service.

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Your Sweet Treat Destination!

Welcome to Yosemite Treats

Yosemite Treats in Mariposa, CA is delighted to be a one-of-a-kind frozen treats and yummy coffee store dedicated to serving the community with delicious desserts year round. Our store is the only one of its kind in the area, which means the treats you get from us you cannot get from anywhere else.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delectable range of delicious ice creams. They are just what the doctor ordered for kids and adults alike. Let your imagine roam free with our unique, exciting flavor combinations. Your kids will love our delightfully colored flavors and fun toppings. Order a frozen cone for a complete sweet treat experience. With us, you can find fat-free options too because we want to help you stick to your diet.

In addition, if keeping off the pounds is a serious concern, there is no need to worry. Try our frozen yogurt options. At Yosemite Treats, we do not believe eating should ever be guilty. That is why we offer a wide option of reduced-calorie, healthy froyo options. These are perfect for keeping mealtimes hale and hearty without compromising taste. With us, you can teach your kids that eating healthy is not just broccoli and spinach; it can also be yummy sweet treats that are just as delicious but without the sugar and fat.

Not a fan of frozen delights? Not a problem! We also serve up delicious hot coffee guaranteed to get you up and running early in the morning or to help you catch a moment of ease at the end of the day. While your children explore the taste adventure that awaits them with our dessert options, you can have a moment of reprieve with a cup of delicious, locally brewed coffee made just for you.

At Yosemite Treats, we look forward to becoming your sweet treat destination! Visit us today, and try one of our lovely, high quality ice cream flavors.